Did you know that a 1 kg bag of soap nuts can clean your laundry for a whole year?
Soap Nuts are fruit that has fallen from the soapberry tree and contain a high concentration of foaming ‘saponin’, a chemical compound that makes the nut ‘sud’ and is used as detergent.


Harvested in India and Nepal, soap nuts have been used for centuries in Southeast Asia and more recently in Europe. In the past decade, it has made its way to North America, where it has been recognized as a natural, potent cleaning alternative to the harsh chemicals common to detergents and household cleaners.

Earth’s Berries soap nuts leave no residue, therefore they don’t clog natural fabric pores like other detergents. Fabrics are protected from color loss and fiber breakdown due to harsh chemicals.

One 1kg bag Soap Nuts lasts for a whole year and at the same time eliminates plastic bottles from store bought laundry detergents.

Easy to use: Simply place 4-5 nuts into a the little bag that comes with your order. Each nut cleans about one load of laundry. Just put the bag into your washing machine like you would do with your regular detergent. You will be stunned at how clean and fresh your laundry is…and the best thing, it is environmental friendly.

Just another thing that nature can give us.

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